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A new podcast that was formerly an old podcast. Hot takes, chirps, sports commentary, tin foil political rants, and whatever we feel like talking about each week. SEC - Big 12 - ACC. Various guest appearances each week
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Mar 1, 2021

This week the lads take ALL your voicemails. Burger Wars, Yaktrax, Movie of the Week, and a whole lot more. If you feel left out, leave. us a voicemail yourself at 225-800-2415. 

Panelists: Hmmx, Trace

Feb 23, 2021

This week the lads talk live sports, NBA Top $$$hot, pet peeves, why animals are the new bots, Qdoba hacks, heroin, your voicemails and much more. 

Panelists: Hmmx, Koozie

Feb 18, 2021

This weeks the lads drop a late pod because they finally got power back. Koozie tells a ridic story, we talk the Dallas winter carnage, Movie of The Week, 17 Again (again), Clubhouse, Chris Harrison, and your voicemails.

Panelists: Hmmx, Koozie

Feb 8, 2021

This week the lads review the Movie of the Week "Swingers." They discuss the importance of being there for your boys when they're down bad and how 1996 lingo still plays today. They debate multiple recommendations from your voicemails for next week's MOTW and make a final decision. They wrap things up with Super Bowl talk and their final thoughts.

Panelists: Koozie, Trace

Feb 2, 2021

This week the lads talk GameStop and other STONKS, famous sports TV commercials, college hoops, which sport each of the guys would play in the Olympics, Koozie's pi escapades, CHEESE HACKS, we announce our Movie of the Week, take your voicemails and a whole lot more. 

Panelists: Hmmx, Koozie, Trace

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Jan 26, 2021

This week the lads talk favorite movies you never knew about like the Running Man, 17 Again, and Terranova. We also discuss Bernie memes, the Hot Pockets recall, the best cities to live in right now, and Foxtrot Upsilon Nero, whatever that is.

Panelists: Hmmx, Koozie, Trace

Jan 19, 2021

This week the lads talk Drew Brees' final game(?), the Space Force, annoying TV characters, Real Talk on the inauguration, a SPECIAL SURPRISE APPEARANCE, and we take your voicemails. 

Panelists: Hmmx, Trace

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Jan 12, 2021

This week the lads talk the Nickelodeon Bowl (Saints vs Bears), the National Championship, the first day of class, the Running Man, Hog Swaps, ERIC LANNON, your voicemails and a whole lot more.

Panelists: Hmmx, Koozie, Trace

Jan 5, 2021

This week the lads talk about their favorite Chistmas gifts, Koozie tries to decide where he's going to move, Trace LOVES to drink water (weird) and the boys finish off by giving you their can't miss play for the National Championship

Panelists: Koozie, Trace